Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Dewalt Power Tool Gift Guide 2012

      Every year mom and kids try to find that perfect gift for dad or grandpa for Christmas. And they can never seem to figure out that perfect gift. Well I'm here to solve all your problems. Dad and grandpa cant resit some nice power tools. Whether there in the business of building or there just DIY at home type of guys.

     This DeWalt Gift Guide will walk you through all the best Power Tools on the 2012 market. Dewalt is the leading innovator in the power tools industry. So why would you buy anything else Tool Company's come and go but Dewalt is here to stay. DeWalt been in the market for decades and have won many awards for there tools.
   DeWalt Power Tools are high enough quality for  Professional Contractors but still affordable for the regular Home Owner. Enough with the DeWalt sales pitch and on with the Reviews of the Top DeWalt Power Tools for Christmas of 2012.

DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

   This is definitely a great addition to any garage or toolbox. I would definitely purchase this a for new homeowner. This is the perfect gift for someone that's got alot of little projects around the house to get done.
          This kit will work for not only just the homeowner but for professionals just the same. Handyman will definitely put this kit to work just has a Contractor will find great need for alot of these tools.

    Let me show you what u get with this great combo kit.
-XRP 18-volt cordless hammerdrill with 3-speed transmission
-XRP 18-volt circular saw with 6-1/2-inch blade
-XRP 18-volt cordless reciprocating saw
-XRP 18-volt impact driver
-XRP 18-volt cut-off tool
-18-volt flexible floodlight

Pros                                                                Cons
-Price                                                                                                  - Batteries
You wouldnt be able to buy these tools                                               I wish it came with more then 2
separate for this cheap.                                                                         batteries. Theres times when
-Options                                                                                                need 2 tools and wish you
It comes with everything you would need                                            could have a battery charging.
for most jobs around the house.                                                         - Tool Bag
-Floodlight                                                                                           Would prefer a tool box the bag
Floodlight? You say. Yes you have                                                     its kinda a pain for organizing 
no idea how often your going to use this                                             the tools.
light. Trust me on this.

If your interested swing over to amazon and check out there deals on this combo kit. Make a Dad very happy this year with this amazing innovation of tool kits.


DEWALT D55140BN 2-Inch Brad Nailer/1-Gallon Compressor Combo Kit

    I really like this kit for one reason the compressor. The brad nailer is just kinda of a bonus. First let me tell you about the compressor. This is an oil free compressor which is about the only way to go with an electric compressor. This thing is a beast though don't let the price tag fool you. This thing has kept up with me and enough guy shingling all day with two guns. Never had a problem with it.(I'm sure the Manufacturers don't want you doing this.) But anyway that's alittle bit for the contractor that will really put this thing to some abuse. For the homeowner though this thing is just has good for little projects around the house. It is small and lightweight for a compressor so can easily be carried to where ever you need it. Which cuts the hassle of running extra hose all over the place. Its extremely quit don't get me wrong its not silent but for a compressor that you can use for more then just inflating kids toys with its pretty quite.
           You get everything you need with this kit to work right out of the box. It even comes with a box of brad nails. So you can literally shoot some nails right out of the box. But the nailer that is the only thing about this kit that i never did use in my Contracting business it just didn't seem to have enough power for serious abuse. I can imagine using around the house to maybe slap that trim up that you have been putting off for ever. Or to put a nail in that wobbly coffee table that's been bugging you. The hose that is in the kit is a nice little hose. I use it daily for everything from pumping up a tire to shingling a roof.

Pros                                                                    Cons
-Price                                                                                                        -Brad Nailer
Again you can not beat DeWalts combo deals.                                       My only problem with it was
for this price.                                                                                            it doesn't work well with         
-Durability                                                                                                heavy jobs.
This thing takes a pounding and just keeps
coming back for more.